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23523 56th Ave, Langley, British Columbia Tall Timbers Golf Course

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This is by far the worst golf course I have ever played. The course was a mess of mud - every single hole was a dog's breakfast. The entire course is populated by a series of ditches, and ponds - too much water. It is not well kept, there is garbage and organic debris littering the course. In one spot, there were two broken down golf carts. In general, not a pretty course. The owners have let it go.

Editor's Note - We know after a lot of rain this course does not drain well, hence any debris would end up floating with excessive water not draining. as for the broken carts, I think they have been there for years, thats the Tall Timbers Touch, its not a country club, but a great Sunday game of golf, that is very inexpensive. I use to play here 25 years ago, and it did not drain well then. but loved my Sunday morning games with my brother and friends.

Tracey Gramm

Course is in the category of "pasture golf," synomomous with the way golf was meant to be played, on land that is as nature created it, not on a pristine, over fertilized, with tile type of fairways. That said, this is a beautiful piece of property, better than would be hard to find. each hole is individual, with masterfully situated trees and water throughout. A pristine, crisp fairway type course? No, just one that is naturally beautiful, with minimal, to say the least, upgrading. if you want a spectacular walk in the park spoiled by the occasional (18 in fact) holes to put your ball in, then this is your place. It is serene beyond anything else in the Vancouver area.

steven faraher-amidon

My friend and I went to this course about a week ago and we thought we would be playing at something similar to Burnaby Mountain golf. Boy were we wrong! The condition of the course is a joke, there literally is no fairway, the greens make pitch and putt greens look decent. Some of the tee box mats are in better shape than the proper tee boxes. If a little TLC is put into this course it could be something good, but avoid this course unless you are too cheap to play anywhere else. Do not pay full price for this course.

Clint J

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