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BCgolfguide.com Inc. (BCgolfguide.com) is a registered BC travel agent that has developed a unique niche in golf travel for a variety of golf destinations within British Columbia and beyond. If you are interested in a region we may not be showcasing, please contact us, we can likely help.

Ross Marrington of BCgolfguide started coordinating golf travel services in Kelowna (2002) and has grown the business into the largest and most active tour operator helping traveling golfers to the Okanagan Valley. BCgolfguide expanded to serve Kamloops next in (2006) and then Whistler, Vancouver Island and the Shuswap golf region in 2007. Every year BCgolf guide has grown the number of destinations offered and a maintain a very satisfied client base.

Danny Leitch came on board in 2010 to assist with the addition of golf trip destinations in the United States and the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience in various golf travel-related roles, Danny has helped immensely to grow the BCgolfguide brand and assists with quarterbacking trips into the Columbia Valley golf region, among others.

Glen Erickson joined BCgolfguide late in 2016 and comes with a background in hotel industry sales and marketing. Most recently, Glen was the Golf Shop Manager (2007-2017) at the Shannon Lake GC in West Kelowna. A freelance writer for 30 years, Glen contributes to our BLOG and other social media marketing strategies.

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Mailing Address: BC Golf Guide - #304 - 1967 Underhill Street - Kelowna, BC  Canada - V1X 8C9

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Ross Marrington - Ross@BCgolfguide.com - 250-764-0700

Danny Leitch - Danny@BCgolfguide.com - 519-800-3701

Glen Erickson - Glen@BCgolfguide.com - 778-655-2041

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