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Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals

5006 Fairmont Frontage Rd, Fairmont Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals

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Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals pairs the remarkable landscapes and activities of Fairmont Hot Springs and Panorama with accommodations that offer the comfort of space, thoughtful amenities, and lots of little extras. Enjoy peace of mind when you book with us, as we are dedicated to your vacation experience.

Fairmont Hot Springs and Panorama are set in the heart of the Columbia Valley and the Canadian Rockies. Hike a mountain, stroll a woodland valley trail, paddle the waters, admire the simplicity of small towns, peruse shops and boutiques eat and drink local fare.

In the Columbia Valley, you become part of the local landscape, the culture and the mountain vibe.

Choose from:

  • Marble Canyon Townhomes

  • Cabin Rentals

  • Residences at Fairmont Ridge

  • Panorama Mountain Resort

  • Luxury Homes

  • Timbers Resort

  • Fairmont Hot Springs

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