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Badlands Golf Club

9119 Alta Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada Badlands Golf Club

A 27-hole gem located 20 minutes north of the 'Strip'. This Johnny Miller / Chi Chi Rodriguez design is a wild ride over and along and through some of the most ruggedly beautiful rock-edged terrain in the valley. Many tee balls must fly over canyons to find tight, arroyo-trimmed fairways, while approach shots to the small bentgrass greens must negotiate desert and tough greenside bunkers. The 196-yard par-3 8th hole on the Desperado course plays over an abyss to an arroyo-framed green bunkered right. Take a few extra balls and enjoy your day.

We had a great time in Vegas, but...

Boy, were you right about golf in Vegas - there are much better options out there. Legacy was forgettable, but the other courses were very nice. Badlands is a great course with the most incredible houses/castles I've seen on golf courses. Paiute reminds me of We Ko Pa in Scottsdale, but is not quite as good. Revere is fun in those canyons, but some of the holes were a disappointment.

Quite a test though. The canyon layout reminded me of Stone Tree in Navato, CA - Johnny Miller layout.

The weather was the tough part. The forecast was for high temp's and low wind. We got low 50's with winds in the high teen's with gusts to 50mph. It was a lot of work to be out there all day for 36 holes. The noise, cold and buffeting wind really wore us out. Being a lake bed, the air was full of sand and grit. After a while it was something other than golf.

We are now cured of 36 holes/day. It's one thing in great weather, but with the cold, etc. we have re-thought our priorities.

Because we had so much golf planned I sure wouldn't bother staying on the strip.

The best dinner was at Carnevito's in the Venetian. I've been to Italy several times. The food at Carnevito's is authentic and good. It's set in the imitation Piazza as a sidewalk cafe. Incredible setting that I highly recommend.

The worst and most expensive was Carnevino's - similar but different name. Mario Batali's rip off. The meat was excellent but under-cooked. Some of the side dishes were good, but most were average or just bad. The presentation of all but the meat was without artistry.

The wait staff were not restaurant people. They just read from a script and lacked the service gene necessary for a good experience. Bill for seven diners was $1,400 with wine. The wine was some of the cheapest on the list. After adding 20% for our large group the waiter laid the guilt on to get us tip even more. I thought the whole thing targeted guys with no training or experience with food who would buy the name, the huge steaks, etc.

So, again, you were right. Mesquite would have been much more fun and cheaper. If you book there the most incredibly beautiful course is Entrada - another Johnny Miller track.

I'll be back to firm up the Bend Oregon trip.

I talked up your service to everyone and made sure they have your contact information for Golf The World Vacation. Everything you touched worked out great. There were no surprises at any of the courses.

Mark Schedler

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