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Balfour Golf Course

Box 139, 602 Queens Bay Rd, Balfour, British Columbia Balfour Golf Course

Get away from it all and enjoy great golf in an unparalleled setting along the peaceful shores of Kootenay Lake at Balfour Golf Course. Balfour golf course is a magnificent 6510-yard golfing challenge, designed by Les Furber, features private lakefront meadows and majestic forests. Winding up and down through the Selkirk Mountains, stellar fairway and green conditions cap an awe-inspiring golfing experience.

This hidden gem is located only 25 minutes north of Nelson, BC near the Kootenay Lake Ferry Terminal. Three hours drive from Spokane or Coeur D'Alene, four hours from Kelowna, and equidistant seven hours from Vancouver and Calgary.

Following your round, come and relax in the Osprey Mountain Grill.  Our restaurant offers a wide array of food and beverage options that are sure to satisfy any palate. Check out our stunning patio overlooking the 1st and 9th holes, and find yourself ideally situated for your après golf activities.  After coming off the round of a lifetime, there is no better place to reminisce than at the Osprey Mountain Grill.

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COVID 19 Action Plan


  • STAY HOME if you are sick or are showing any flu like symptoms.
  • STAY HOME if you have been in the presence of anyone with flu like symptoms.
  • STAY HOME if you have just returned to Canada and isolate for 14 days.
  • STAY COMMITTED to maintaining a minimum 2 meter social distance from others every day, all day.


In order to properly gauge demand and revenue expectations, we will be taking a slow and steady approach to operation and service levels this season.  Please be patient, our goal is to continue operations with an eye to returning to normal operational levels as soon as possible.

  • Golf Shop hours will be 8 am to 6 pm every day with the first tee time available at 8:30
  • Staffing levels will be limited with very little shift overlap
  • All golfers MUST have a tee time booked in advance.  Walk on play will not be permitted.
  • Prepayment of green fees for daily fee golfers will be encouraged and available when you book online.
  • Only two customers will be permitted in our golf shop area at any given time.
  • Power carts will be available to single riders only or to partners living in the same house hold.
    • Power carts will be available on a first come, first served basis only.
    • All golf course owned power carts must be returned by 8:00 pm.  No exceptions.
    • All personal items, garbage and recycling must be removed by the operator when they return their cart.
  • Our driving range is NOW OPEN with modifications which can be found below.
  • Our club house practice green will remain closed until further notice.
  • Our Thursday Morning Retiree's League has begun and our Tuesday Men's Night and Wednesday Ladies Leagues are inthe works.
  • Food & Beverage services will be on a pre-order take out or grab and go basis only.  Access to seating in our restaurant and on our deck will not be permitted.



  • Installment of hand sanitizing stations outside our main entrance and at our check in counter.
  • Limiting customers in our Golf Shop area to two at any given time.
  • Sanitizing high touch point areas of our Golf Shop on a regular basis.
  • Closing the internal access point between our Golf Shop and Restaurant.
  • Golf Shop washroom facilities will be sanitized regularly.
  • Power carts and pull carts will be cleaned and sanitized at the close of each day and again after each use.  There will be designated areas for power cart return so as to ensure they are sanitized before being used again.
  • Retail items will be available in our golf shop however only a small selection of items will be displayed.  In order to reduce touch points, most stock will be kept behind our counter and will be available when requested.
  • Tee time intervals will be increased to 12 minutes in order to help keep adequate on course spacing between groups and maintenance of social distancing measures.
  • A list of our COVID-19 protocols will be displayed outside of our Golf Shop door and we will have abundant signage displayed throughout our Golf Course and Clubhouse areas.
  • We will have an area designated for waiting prior to teeing off on the first hole
  • Our club storage building located at our driving range will be limited to one person inside at a time.
  • Score cards will be available by request only.  Use of a smart phone app, such as the one provided with your Golf Canada Membership, is highly encouraged.
  • We will have a Players Assistant(s) on course to ensure safe social distancing and that other COVID-19 safety measures are being adhered to.


  • Space between our hitting mats will be increased and will be reduced from 10 down to 8 in order to maintain adequate physical separation.
  • Driving range tokens will be sanitized after every use.
  • We will have a water cooler containing a diluted cleaning agent will be used for sanitization.
    • After filling your basket with range balls you will dunk the whole basket including balls into the cooler.
    • Once you're done practicing, you will dunk your empty basket, turned upside down, into the cooler and return the sanitized basket into its appropriate stack.



  • Addition of a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign to each flag pole
  • Installation of a stop in each hole to allow for putts to be holed while making allowing your golf ball to be retrieved with no flag stick or cup contact.
  • All bunker rakes will be removed.  A Lift, Smooth and Place local rule will be in effect.
  • All ball washers will be removed from the golf course.
  • All benches will be turned over and unavailable for use.
  • All sand and seed bottles will be removed.
  • A limited number of garbage cans will be available on course.



  • All golfers must have a tee time booked prior to arrival at the golf course.  In order to maintain safe social distancing and low traffic levels around the club house, walk in play will net be permitted.
  • In order to properly manage our tee sheet, all tee time bookings must be made with the correct number of golfers and include the names of each player.
  • Whenever possible we will accommodate twosomes requesting to play alone however with be aware that with few tee times available, we may not be able to accommodate everyone.
  • Failure to notify our Golf Shop of any group changes a minimum of 24 hours in advance is unacceptable.


  • Maintain a minimum of a 2 club length social distance from other golfers at all times.  While on our property this is not an option, it is your obligation.
  • Do not arrive to the golf course more than 30 minutes prior to your tee time if you intend to warm up prior to play, 20 minutes if you do not intend to warm up.  Our goal is to have the group ahead of you teeing off while you are checking in so if you do happen to arrive early, please remain in your vehicle until it is time to check in.
  • Consider designating one person in your group to check in for all golfers.
  • Arrive prepared.  Avoid lingering in the parking lot or around the club house prior to play.  Please bring your own hand sanitizer for use while on the golf course.
  • If you are here to use the driving range only, please do not linger before, after or during your practice session.



  • Please only ask for the number of range tokens that you will be using during your current practice session.  Bulk distribution and/or range token collection will not be happening moving forward.
  • Please do not socialize while at our practice range.  Golfers are to spend only the time they need for their personal practice session.
  • If all hitting bays are full, please be considerate of other who may be waiting and finish the golf balls you have left and move on.


  • Maintain a minimum of a 2 club length social distance at all times.  While on our property this is not an option, it is your obligation.
  • Remain at the designated waiting area until the group ahead has reached the fairway before approaching the first tee.
  • In order to maintain sufficient spacing between groups, please tee off at the time you have booked regardless of whether the first tee is open.
  • Pace of play expectations become very important in order to maintain sufficient spacing between groups.  All golfers, regardless of the time they tee off, need to work together to maintain a consistent pace of play throughout the course of a day.
    • 9-hole rounds must take no more than 2 hours and 10 minutes.
    • 18-hole rounds must take no longer than 4 hours and 20 minutes.
    • Prior to teeing off, establish your groups 9 and 18 hole time targets and work together to meet them.  Going beyond your time targets is unacceptable and has the potential to cause a back log of groups resulting in inconsistent spacing.
    • Playing through groups in front is not permissible.  Please aim to hit your time targets and maintain generous spacing between you and the group ahead at all times.
  • Do not touch any flag sticks at any point during your round.
  • Dispose of your garbage in the cans provided or consider taking it home with you.  Please note that we will not have any recycle containers available on site so please take your recyclable containers home with you.


  • Continue to maintain your social distance and avoid any traditional thank you salutations such as hand shakes, high fives etc.
  • Head straight to your vehicle and leave the property.  It is unacceptable to linger in our parking lot, around our clubhouse or on our property after completion of your round.
  • If you have rented a power cart, please return it to the designated wash bay area via the parking lot access away from the club house at the end of our cart storage area. 
  • In order to maintain the health of our staff, golfers renting a power cart must clear their golf cart of all person items, garbage and recyclables before heading home.  We will have receptacles available for your use beside our Carts Return signage.

Thank you for your understanding and strict adherence to the aforementioned operational modifications and COVID-19 protocols.  It is imperative to our operational success and sustainability that we work together to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

Balfour Golf Course Management Team & Golf Operations Committee

Thank you so much for setting this all up for us, we had a great time, great weather and all the courses were in really nice shape! Our favorite was Balfour but we enjoyed all of the courses as they were really different from each other.

Fran Stirton

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