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Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - Bandon Trails Gc

Round Lake Drive, Bandon, Oregon Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - Bandon Trails Gc

When Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw began working in the sand to uncover our third course, they faced the challenge of following Bandon and Pacific Dunes. Opened in 2005, Bandon Trails begins atop a massive sand dune, quickly opens into a sprawling meadow, works higher into the coastal forest, and finally returns to finish in the dunes. The course is enjoyable to walk and is a constant reminder of how the game was originally created among inland rolling dunes with dramatic ocean vistas.

"Bandon Trails...takes its rightful place on the short list of pilgrimages all golfers must make before they die - because odds are golf in Heaven can't compare."
- Golf Magazine

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