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Bell Bay Golf Club

Hwy 205, Baddeck Bell Bay Golf Club

Cape Breton’s true Championship Golf Course located in Baddeck, the heart of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Designed by the master, Thomas McBroom, the course is as beautiful as it is a pleasure to play. History has been made on this bay. Casey Baldwin’s great hydrofoil set the world’s water speed record just below our fairways, and from it’s frozen surface the Silver Dart made the first successful airplane flight in the British Empire. Not far from our golf course, the mansion on the far headland was home to what was one of the greatest inventive geniuses the world has known – Alexander Graham Bell. Tinkering with everything from radar to rocket propulsion, the iron lung to sonar from the air screw to airships, this bay was the setting for them all.

Kathleen MacMillan - 2008-05-29

  • Hole: 8
  • Length: 105
  • Club: 6-Iron

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