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Copper Point (the Ridge Course)

651 Hwy 93/95, Invermere, British Columbia Copper Point (the Ridge Course)

The Ridge Golf Course, Copper Point’s new 18-hole, short course opened in May 2008 and takes full advantage of the majestic views and character-filled terrain it’s situated on. The innovative design of this Masters-style course reflects the future of golf, offering full length Par 3 and 4 holes that will provide all levels of golfers with an exceptional golf experience that is truly unique to the area. The Ridge is located directly east of Copper Point, with a tunnel under Highway 93/95 connecting the two courses. Check-in for the Ridge Course is at the Copper Point Clubhouse.

**We will continue to monitor the affect of COVID-19 on our community and our
ability to either open or remain open.

The guidelines and protocols we have implemented in order to keep our
facility clean and safe for our investors, members, guests and employees are
fully compliant with the Provincial Health Officer’s Orders.

We can’t do this alone; everyone is responsible for preventing the spread of
COVID-19 and helping to flatten the curve. Below are the measures that we
are taking to keep our facility safe, as well as our expectations for our
guests using the facilities! Please remember that Physical Distancing is 6
feet (2 meters) at all times!

Changes in Golf Operations
As many Golf Clubs are doing, we are implementing a set of policies for golf
effective Friday, April 24th. These are extremely challenging times for all
of us and it is our collective belief that golf, when managed accordingly by
our staff through recommendations from Public Health Authorities and
strictly followed by investors, members and guests, GOLF is as safe as any
activity outside of complete self-quarantine or isolation. If you feel any
symptoms such as Cough, Headache, Fever or Difficulty Breathing “PLEASE STAY
HOME”!  We have put a concentrated effort and focus on improved safety
measures and reduced contact points and we want to remind everyone to wash
their hands often, and don’t touch your face, especially if you come in
contact with any potential infectious contact points.

   Please call the golf shop prior to your tee time and pay for green
fees prior to your arrival by credit card. The Clubhouse doors will be
locked but the Golf Shop will have a staff member to answer phones and
respond to requests. We will not accept CASH transactions and are limiting
the number of people in the golf shop to 1 at a time. Please knock on the
door to access the Golf Shop.

·  Everyone must have a tee time, we will not accept walk-ons!

·  Please arrive no more than 20 minutes prior to your tee time so we
can control and practice physical distancing. Maintain a physical distance
from others at all times of 6 feet and avoid gathers in groups of 50 people
or more.

· All guests must sanitize their hands, at the sanitizing station
beside the Guest Service Building, once on Copper Point Property.

· Our Guest Service Staff are taking every precaution, wearing
gloves and using sanitary supplies at the bag drop to disinfect and
sterilize the golf carts and their work areas. Please respect their space
and help by disposing of your own trash that accumulates in your golf cart.

· Our staff will NOT handle golf bags, so please be prepared to load
your own golf bag on the golf cart.

· Golf carts will be sanitized prior to play and spaced out
according to Health guidelines.

· Score cards, tees and pencils will NOT be available, so please
download our Golf App prior to arrival, as the app has a score card and GPS
yardages. Copper Point Golf Club.

· Walking will be allowed to respect golfer’s desires to practice
physical distancing. Single cart riders will be allowed as well as dual cart
riders (they must be from the same family and living in the same household).

· Several loose items on the golf course that are a constant contact
point have been removed such as: rakes, ball washers, trash cans and sand
and seed bottles on the carts and golf course.

· Rental Clubs and Demos Clubs will NOT be available.

· When in the bunkers please lift and place your ball into a better
position as there will be no rakes. Please use your foot or golf club to
smooth the sand when exiting the bunker.

· The flagsticks will remain but there is no need to touch or remove
them during play.

· The Cup Liners are now turned upside down, so access to retrieve
your golf ball will be very easy without touching the cup or flagstick.

· Do NOT pick up any other players clubs, please only look after
your own equipment.

· On course washrooms have sanitizing stations and guests must
sanitize their hands prior to entering and upon leaving the washrooms.
Washrooms will be sanitized on a regular basis.

· Prior to leaving Copper Point all guest must again sanitize their
hands at the Sanitizing Station beside the Guest Service Building.

· No gathering in the parking lot before or after your round.

· Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in being asked to
leave the property immediately or losing golfing and booking privileges,
with no refunds.  Please use common sense!

By golfing at Copper Point, The Point Course, The Ridge Course and the
Driving Range, you are agreeing to accept our COVID-19 guidelines to play
golf and be on Copper Point Property  and you wave certain legal rights and
indemnify Copper Point Golf Club and Copper Point Properties of any possible
wrongful actions!

If you do not agree to follow the rules and protocols in place
you must stop and leave the property immediately!

Changes in Driving Range Operations
· A maximum of 6 people will be allowed at the Driving Range during
any given time.

· All guests must sanitize their hands prior to using the practice
facility. The sanitizing station is located between the men’s and ladies

· Mats will be separated more than 6 feet apart to comply with
social distancing.

· Tees will NOT be available as we do NOT want anyone touching the
golf balls.

· All shots will be hit from the mat and NOT teed up so we can
eliminate another touch point.

·Please move practice balls from the tray to the mat by using only
your golf club.

·All range balls have been sanitized and will be sanitized prior to
being loaded in the bin.

·A maximum of 2 people will be allowed on the practice putting
green during any given time, keep a respectful distance of 6 feet.

·After warming up at the driving range and before leaving the
facility, please again sanitize your hands.

·Please respect guidelines and protocols for the personal well
being of our staff members and guests.

Changes in F&B Operations
· Prior to entering the Clubhouse or accepting food & beverage
products at the ½ way house station, please sanitize your hands at the
appropriate stations. 1 sanitizing station will be located at the front
doors of the Clubhouse and the other will be located at the ½ way house next
to the men’s and ladies washrooms.

· The View Restaurant will be TAKE OUT only, and there will be no
seating available which includes the patio.

· All purchases will be done from the ½ way house window.

· Cash will not be accepted, credit card or debit card only.
Receipts will not be provided, as we are eliminating as many touch points as

· Beverage Cart – On days that we run the beverage cart, we ask that
you place orders, one at a time, from 6 feet back. Please do not crowd the
cart attendant and allow staff the space to safely deliver your purchases to
each individual cart. At such time, members/guests can make payment, one at
a time, with physical distancing, via credit, “tap” and/or member charge.
The beverage cart is now equipped with a hand sanitizer unit, so please use
after making your purchase. 

We will NOT accept anyone without a reservation, similar to golf and having a tee time. If you don’t have a reservation please call (250) 341-3392 extension 2 to make a reservation. Even if the restaurant is empty we still ask that you call and make a reservation. Since we are only allowed to operate at 50% capacity the restaurant will get booked up very quickly. For the deck outside you will also need to make a reservation.
We are mandated by Work Safe BC to collect the information from 1 person from each table to keep on file for up to 30 days.
We also can only have a maximum of 6 people sitting at 1 table.
Our staff will deliver your food order to a server table and from there our guests will pick up their food and take it back to their table.
Condiments will NOT be on the tables, so please ask your server if you require salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, etc.
Staff has the right to refuse service to any guest that displays any of signs of COVID-19 in order to protect our staff and other guests. If you are not feeling well please stay home!
You MUST sanitize your hands prior to coming into the restaurant and again when you leave the restaurant; a sanitizing station will be located just inside the doors of the restaurant.
Guest sitting on the deck will be asked to use the washrooms at the ½ way house to limited the amount of traffic in the clubhouse.
Until further guidelines come our way from either Work Safe BC or Public Health, we will be using single use menu’s and disposing of them after each table orders their food. We will however have our menu on the web site, so you can use the menu on the web site to see what’s available and help us save the forest.
These certainly are different and trying times and if we can all do our part by following these guidelines we can get back to whatever the new normalcy will be sooner than later.

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