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21025 48th Ave., Langley, British Columbia Newlands Golf & Racquet Club

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This was a terrible experience. As usual, they arrange tee times by the PHD method...piled higher & deeper. Very very long round, plus they had e-mailed me a coupon offer, but then insisted that it had to be printed off & wouldn't accept it electronically. This was the very last time I golf there. Better experience to be had at Hazelmere, Belmont, Nicowynd, or across the border @ Lake Padden or Grandview. Newlands just isn't worth your time!

C Chang

No GPS (Skycaddie)!!! I asked the proshop and they didn't know what Skycaddie or GPS mapping was so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. SImilar to Guildford... the proshop (marshals) do not manage the course very well. On average expect a 5 1/2 hour round with lots of waiting... so bring a book. Course itself is actually very nice... just poorly managed.

mike Takasaki

Excellent slow relaxed play... enjoy 10 to 15 minutes wait between holes. Unlike other courses that expect you to rush under 5 hour rounds at Newlands the relaxed slow pace allows you to play a 5 to 6 hour round giving you more than ample time to enjoy the fantastic scenery and rest between shots.

Bill Sharp

Newlands is a friendly but challenging course. It has some water and well placed sand traps. It is usually in good condition, unless it had rained heavily, then there can be some wet spots. It is mostly well groomed and the staff are always friendly.

Dale Erikson

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