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Sagebrush Golf Course

6280 Merritt-Kamloops Hwy 5A, Quilchena, British Columbia Sagebrush Golf Course

Sagebrush Golf Club is, quite simply, the best expression of links golf in Western Canada. The course is “one of one” in its adherence to tour quality, minimalist golf standards, links-style playability, and a laid-back Ranch land culture. The Sagebrush experience is unique in that it offers enjoyment for golfers of all skill levels while also captivating the most discerning of golf aficionados. The 2024 season marks the first full season where you can access the Sagebrush Golf Course for a single 18 hole round with rates that vary to suit when you want to play! You can always do the traditional all day golf, with fishing at the 13th hole.  Lunch is no longer included at Sagebrush.

There are 8 on-site suites for your stay and play needs, offering an amazing view overlooking Nicola Lake.

Sagebrush will open in early May with priority placed on those who take advantage of our stay and play packages.  With a daily capacity of 48 golfers, Play as much as you like. And then stay in our suites, get up the next morning and try it all over again.  The 2024 season will see several new initiatives designed to round out the Sagebrush experience, including the opening of our Tavern restaurant and Golfer’s Lounge, the re-launch of The Hideout, our famed lunch and fishing escape at the back of the property, as well as our new 16-hole chipping course.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of North America’s most unique golf experiences at Sagebrush Golf club.

In general, overnight guests (the night prior to a Day Golf Adventure) have the priority of starting between 8:00am and 9:30am.  

Sagebrush reserves the right to modify course access and adjust tee times as required to effectively manage our guest experience.

Also note that there are no refunds inside 30 days should your group size reduce. All players will need to be paid up before 30 days from arrival. If you book inside 30 days - full payment is due at time of booking, Sagebrush policy is no refunds cancelled inside 30 days.

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