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St. Eugene Golf Resort And Casino

7731 Mission Road, Cranbrook, British Columbia St. Eugene Golf Resort And Casino

St Eugene golf course is ideal for accommodating golf groups of any size or perhaps a couples weekend escape. 

Key St Eugene Golf Course Features are:

  •     Plays from four sets of tees from 5,388 yards to 7,007 yards
  •     Average course time of 4.5 hours
  •     Views of St. Mary River, Purcell Mountains and Rocky Mountains
  •     Strategically placed halfway house
  •     Located on bird sanctuary with over 150 species

Designed by acclaimed architect Les Furber, it is a distinctive, easy-flowing course set on 120 acres of turf grass in the 327 acre St Eugene Golf Resort & Casino halfway between Cranbrook and Kimberley, British Columbia. With white sand bunkers and huge, undulating greens, the course plays from four sets of tees from 5,388 yards to 7,007 yards and plays well for all skill levels of golfers for an average course time of 4.5 hours.

Built right next to the St. Mary River, each hole at St Eugene Golf is designed to have an uninterrupted view of either the Purcell or the Rocky Mountains (including the marvelous Fisher Peak) as it winds its way through open links land, buffer zones, wetlands and rolling woodlands. Additionally, the grounds are part of an Audubon sanctioned site, home to over 150 bird species including the endangered Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagle as well as badgers, Townsend long-eared bats and painted turtles. All this makes the course for a captivating yet tranquil golf environment that allows a freedom of style in play.

Additionally, because St Eugene golf is located at a high latitude in the East Kootenay valley and on the western edge of the Mountain Time Zone, the course receives ample light during the spring and summer months, making a late afternoon game entirely possible.

St. Eugene’s professional greens keepers and state-of-the-art maintenance equipment create consistent course conditions, where the first green is the same as the 18th. Moreover, there’s a strategically placed halfway house that you’ll pass three times during your round.

All our power carts are equipped with GPS distance trackers to help you gauge your approach. And as extra amenities to the buddy group experience, we can help organize score cards, format the game and put up tournament signage. As well, we offer free club storage space and customized bag tags.


Rod Goplin - 2008-12-10

  • Hole: 17
  • Length: 186
  • Club: 5-Iron

Thanks so much for organizing our BC golf holiday. We had a great time in spite of the weather!

St Eugene Mission is a lovely resort - food was good and staff were friendly. The resort has wonderful ambience and it was very clean and totally non-smoking.

We golfed at St. Eugene the first day - sunny and warm - great course. Wednesday it sprinkled on and off all day but we enjoyed Trickle Creek - very challenging course and beautiful views. Would love to go back when the weather is better. We passed on Shadow Mountain as it poured rain and we thought the course would be really soggy - and so would we. We asked about a rain check but they said we would need to discuss with you - based on our previous conversation, I gather that unless they closed the course, we are out of luck? (Editors note - Yes this typically the case however we will get Donna 2 rain checks)

On the whole though, it was a great getaway. Thanks again for your help in putting it together.

Donna Fairbrother

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