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16651 Rennie Rd., Pitt meadows, British Columbia Swaneset Bay Resort Golf & Country Club (links)

Imagine two championship golf courses, designed by the legendary Lee Trevino and spread across some awe-inspiring terrain; a dazzling 65,000 square foot clubhouse, complete with every amenity you can imagine. Round after round, the golf experience at Swan-e-set will take your passion for the game to entirely new lengths.


From the tranquil Pitt River Valley, Lee Trevino sculpted two unique championship golf courses that offer both challenge and playability for all skill levels.


Add in the inspired setting - complete with meandering streams, crystal-clear lakes and the breathtaking backdrop of the coastal mountains - and you have before you a truly outstanding golf opportunity.


With course conditions that compete with any in the Province and a first class service program. Swan-e-set Bay is the perfect place to golf, relax, and savour life's finer pleasures in the company of family and close friends. 


Every experience at Swan-e-set takes on a life of its own and becomes more memorable - and somehow a lot more fun.


Welcome to Swan-e-set Bay, a place for people who are not just passionate about golf but passionate about living!

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I don't know what's going on at this place but all I can conclude is that they've given up on the Resort course. Either that or they are now going for an African-theme because the grass (wherever there actually IS grass) looks like it hasn't received water in 2-3 months. Granted, it has been hot lately, but I have never seen a course so brown. In fact, large areas in the middle of the fairways are simply hard, brown patches of dirt. For a course that claims to have "conditions that rival any in BC," this was a big disappointment. I thought this was supposed to be a top-notch course but I see now why there was nobody except me out there on a hot Sunday afternoon in July. Oh, and the mosquitoes up there will eat you alive. This place is definitely not worth the drive into the middle of nowhere.

Michael C

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