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The Links Of Gleneagles

100 Gleneagles Drive, Cochrane, Alberta The Links Of Gleneagles

On the edge of the Rockies and just a few minutes from the beautiful Calgary limits, The Links of GlenEagles invites golfers into a serenely beautiful course that is second to none for Calgary golf courses. With the beautiful mountain scenery that can be easily seen from any of the 18 holes at The Links of GlenEagles, every fairway is a delight to play through. Aside from the breathtaking vistas that are around every corner, the design, architecture, and playability of our greens is challenging and exciting to compete on. The Links of GlenEagles has become one of the best places to golf in Canada because of our commitment to the sport and those that are passionate about it.

Darryl Poburan - 2010-09-09

  • Hole: 1
  • Length: 182
  • Club: 9 Wood

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Way over priced. Course is okay but not for the price. Management is out of touch with customers which shows in treatment of golfers, price, course readiness, service, etc.

Fun Golf

first time on this course and won't be the last.

only thing is price. With tough times these types of courses better drop their price. simple marketing says it is better to have more people on the course at a cheaper rate than only us 4 out there at full fair.

not kidding, maybe only 3-4 foursomes on the whole course.

great clubhouse. good food. tough links course but not if you hit the fairway ;)

Greens 3.5/5
fairways 4/5
sand 4/5
price 3.5/5

tigers foe

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