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To all our golf handicap tracker users since 1999, that may have accessed their accounts previously via Golfbytes.com and CanadaGolfguide.com may now access them at the links noted below. The service is free for the first month, then $15 US for an annual subscription.

BCgolfguide.com users please access


CANADAgolfguide.com users please access


Golfbytes.com users please access


Golf Handicap Tracker Feature Chart

golf handicap tracker and golf game stat analyzer

Please note this is not an official golf handicap tracker and is for your own general use and reference. If you find the need to have an official handicap for tournament play, we suggest that you contact your local registered golf association and establish and official golf handicap. This golf handicap tracker is not endorsed by either the the BC or Canadian Golf Associations. For support questions, please email support@bcgolf.com