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How to Golf Responsibly

Prior to Arrival

  1. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit a British Columbia golf facility. Call your doctor, local public health, or call 8-1-1. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, which primarily displays as a persistent cough, may not be permitted on the course. So please stay home if you don’t feel well, and, when in doubt, get tested.

  2. If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit a British Columbia golf facility.

  3. If you have travelled outside of Canada, and are not exempt from the federal Quarantine Act, please do not visit a British Columbia golf facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days.

  1. Please follow provincial health directives with regards to travel in British Columbia, currently staying local and supporting your local golf courses.

  2. Please follow provincial health directives toward gathering, currently with your household bubble only + 1 other.

  1. Please book your tee times in advance of play as British Columbia golf courses are exceptionally busy and many will not accept walk-ons.

  1. If you have underlying medical conditions, or consider yourself in a high-risk group, please try to book a foursome of golfers you are comfortable playing with in your usual bubble and consider non-peak tee times such as 2pm in the afternoon. Please feel free to contact the golf shop to discuss your concerns and if you are not booking a foursome, ask to be paired with other high-risk players.

Upon Arrival

  1. Please arrive at the golf course no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your tee time to avoid congestion.

  2. WEAR A MASK in all public spaces as currently required in British Columbia. Once on the golf course and effectively in your bubble, wearing a mask is optional.

  1. Please sanitize your hands at all provided locations.

  1. PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING ALWAYS (minimum 2m/6ft apart), from greetings upon arrival, in and around practice areas, the tee, putting greens, and at conclusion of the round. Pay attention to the posters that limit the number of people in the Pro Shop, on the Putting Green, etc. Consider playing with the following “rules”:

    1. continuous putting,

    2. 2 ft. gimmes,

    3. only one player on the tee box at a time

    4. NO handshaking, NO hugging etc. from arrival until departure - this will be enforced.

Failure to observe physical distancing risks the closure of the facility and you may be asked to leave the premises.

  1. Bag services, club storage and club rentals may not be provided to minimize touch points where the virus might be transmitted. Be prepared to carry your own bag and, when required, placing it on a pull cart or power cart.

  1. Please have only one person in your party enter the golf shop to register and pay for green fees and other purchases by debit or credit card.

During Your Round

  1. Please do not share equipment and while courteous to pick up another person’s club after putting out on the green, please refrain from doing so at this time.

  2. Ball washers will not be available at this time, so please carry a bottle of water and towel accordingly.

  1. Bunker rakes may or may not be available. If not provided, please smooth sand with your foot or the club, preferred lies are permitted in the bunker or the bunkers are to be played as Ground Under Repair at this time.

  2. Sand/seed containers may or may not be provided, please repair divots as best you can.

  1. If cups accept putted balls then please remove with the pin lever or the toe of the putter. If cups are raised, then the ball is considered hole when it hits the side of the cup.

  1. Golfers are encouraged to award gimmes up to 2ft.

  1. The flagstick is to remain in at all times so please refrain from touching the flagstick.

  1. On course drinking water may not be available. Please ensure you have enough refreshments to keep hydrated.

  2. Please pay for on course food and beverage services with debit or credit cards and don your mask when engaging with golf course employees

  1. If in an unlikely event, a group needs to play through, then all players must abide by the physical distancing protocol of a minimum of 2m/6ft.

  1. Please respect physical distancing when passing course maintenance staff or interacting with refreshment staff.

  1. If you are playing early in the morning, please be patient if you catch up to staff on a green changing a pin - take a moment to enjoy the fresh air, wait for the team member to finish their task and move out of the way.

After Your Round

  1. Please remove all the garbage and recycling from your golf cart and put it in designated receptacles.

  1. Please store your clubs in your vehicle prior to enjoying an apres golf refreshment or meal in the clubhouse.

  1. Please don your mask prior to entering the clubhouse and until you sit down at your table. Once seated your mask may be removed at the table, however should be put back on again should you need to move about the Clubhouse.

  1. Restaurant seating is currently restricted to six people per table regardless of whether you are in the same party or in a bubble, so please respect our provincial health order.

  1. If you contract COVID-19 and have played at a British Columbia golf facility anytime within the last 14 days, please include that facility in the contact tracing provided to health authorities.

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